Monday, May 10, 2021


Time for Responsibility

I’m lucky. The only illness a politician has given me is a constant case of low-grade nausea. Others are, of course, not as fortunate. Christine Goupil is the antidote. The solution to all this empty bravado is a woman with both the idealism to support the construction of a new high school, and then the competence and work ethic to oversee the old one’s development into new businesses.

I have personally seen Christine screamed at, treated derisively, and dismissed out of hand. I’ve also seen her respond to that treatment with patience and dedication. Christine is endorsed by three parties because, when faced with unified opposition, Christine takes her lumps and makes friends.

It’s time for responsibility in politics. I encourage your readers to vote Christine Goupil for the 35th Assembly District.

Eli Phelps