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10/14/2020 08:00 AM

Pragmatic Leadership

I’m writing in support of Norm Needleman for re-election to the State Senate. State Senator Needleman (D-33) is a hardworking legislator with almost two decades of public service in local and state government. His depth of experience in government and business has prepared him for the many challenges facing Connecticut today.

Senator Needleman, as co-chair of the Energy and Technology Committee, has guided the state toward a green economy to protect the environment and create jobs. He is forward thinking and has a strong record of common-sense legislation. His legislative proposals have had overwhelming support by both parties. He has worked well with Republican leadership and last year’s Energy Committee’s bills were all passed with wide bipartisan support.

Most recently, Tropical Storm Isaias left nearly half a million residents without power for days resulting in lost revenue, property damage, and spoiled food. Senator Needleman stepped up to hold Eversource accountable for prolonged power outages and rate hikes. Senator Needleman is an advocate for consumer rights. He played a key role in the bipartisan consumer protection Take Back the Grid legislation unanimously passed by the Senate.

This is the kind of pragmatic leadership we need to control costs, ensure timely communications, effective emergency response, and push utilities to change to renewable energy sourced from carbon-free wind and solar power.

I encourage your readers to vote to re-elect Senator Needleman, proven leadership, guided by his sensible, “can do better” approach to public service.

Edmund Meehan