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10/14/2020 08:00 AM

Of Strong Character

Brendan Saunders is the Republican endorsed candidate for the 33rd Senatorial District. Brendan was born in Connecticut and he and his family have lived in the shoreline for more than 20 years.

Like many of us, Brendan is deeply concerned about the path our state is on. Connecticut’s business climate is lackluster compared to other states’. Connecticut’s tax burden is one of the heaviest in the U.S. We’re ranked 47th out of 50 for business tax climate by the nonprofit Tax Foundation. Last year, well before the lockdown and when other states enjoyed strong economic growth, Connecticut’s average statewide employment fell 0.2 percent from 2018.

Recovering from the pandemic and lockdown offers Connecticut the opportunity to reset its failing business climate. Brendan believes that we can rebuild on sound free-market principles that will stimulate growth and ease the tax burden of our residents and businesses.

District residents are proud of our local schools. Brendan believes that local school boards, working closely with parents and teachers, should determine the curriculum and the educational direction for their schools. Hartford should not be pushing a “one-size fits all” approach onto our towns.

Brendan is a man of strong character and a leader who supports the low taxes, small business, police, and our schools. I know when elected he will vote according to his beliefs as well as the will of his constituents. He is not encumbered by conflicts of interest. We need a new voice in Hartford to make the changes we need.

Brendan will do a phenomenal job representing all his constituents. I encourage your readers to vote for Brendan on Nov. 3.

Carolyn Field