Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Long-Term Vision, Knowledge

Rarely in politics do we find someone that works genuinely for the people: someone who rises above petty bickering and cuts through the web of private and limited interests we find so abundant even here in our local government. Christine Goupil is this rare someone.

Over the past six years I have had the privilege to know her well and have during that time developed a genuine admiration for her work professionally and for her character. Plain and simple, when Christine wins, voters win. Her dedication is to the community and to the community alone. She knows what needs to be done and more important, she knows how to do it.

She knows where to get the town the funding it needs to bring developments to life; she knows how to negotiate on our behalf in Hartford. Six years ago Christine was instrumental in the creation of Clinton’s 10-year Plan of Conservation and Development. Her experience in project management brought an ambitious long-term vision and the knowledge of the steps to achieve it.

Planning and zoning is not an easy world to navigate, but Chistine rose above that in her eight years volunteering, and stepped up to run as first selectman to lead us to a new form of government because she knew it was critical to the success of our community and what the voters wanted.

When we vote for Christine Goupil for 35th District state representative on Nov. 3, we vote for someone who will truly, professionally, and with experience represent the voters of Clinton, Killingworth, and Westbrook in Hartford.

Andrea S. Reu

Andrea S. Reu chairs the Democratic Town Committee.