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10/14/2020 08:00 AM

Leadership That’s Proactive

I support State Senator Norm Needleman (D-33) for re-election. As a senior in his district, I have benefited from his regular updates about the COVID-19 pandemic and his availability to his constituents. His reports have provided essential information about travel, assistance programs, the availability of services and the openings of public buildings, emergency funds for communities, and grants to pay water bills.

Most recently he sent out alerts about the coming flu season, along with a list of flu shot clinics in our local towns. In addition to urging preventative measures during flu season, he has consistently demonstrated a concern for the health and safety of his constituents. During the special session of the legislature, he supported absentee ballot voting for all eligible voters, to ensure safe voting during the pandemic.

I appreciate leadership that is proactive and guided by the facts. I feel reassured when I have accurate information to ensure my own health and safety during a pandemic. My vote is for Senator Needleman, a public servant I can trust.

Ellen Pfarr