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10/14/2020 08:00 AM

Hard-Working and Effective

I plan to vote for Christine Palm as my state representative on Nov. 3, and hope your readers will, too. She has been a hardworking and tireless advocate for Connecticut and its people. She represents the towns of Chester, Deep River, Essex, and Haddam: the 36th Assembly District. Her background and prior experience in education, journalism, communications, and business have served her well and provided valuable skills as an effective legislator.

A lifelong Connecticut resident, Christine’s reason for running for re-election as a state representative is simply to make Connecticut a better place. As a former teacher, she is a strong advocate for education, as well as health care, women’s rights, pay equity, and environmental issues. A great communicator, she has kept us well informed of current issues, proposed legislation, and community activities.

Christine is a hard-working and effective legislator and proves each day that who leads really does matter!

I encourage your readers to vote for Christine Palm.

Mary Ann Pleva