Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Fought for the Residents

I am an RTM member representing the Fourth District in the Town of Branford. I was fortunate enough to serve on the governing body for the Town of Branford with State Representative Robin Comey (D-102). While serving with Robin, I had the pleasure of watching her faithfully advocate and fight for her district’s needs and interests.

Fortunately for Connecticut, Robin moved on to the General Assembly when she was duly elected to represent the 102nd House District. In Robin’s first term as a state representative, Robin immediately ascended to leadership positions on the Committee on Children and the CT Kid’s Report Card Leadership Committee, was appointed to the State Advisory Council for Special Education, and is a member of the Education and Public Health committees.

Robin has exerted her influence and fought vigorously for the residents of Branford and the surrounding areas, from preserving the environment to advocating for health policies that ensure people proper access to care. Robin Comey has been able to reach across the aisle and work in a bipartisan manner to help find solutions beneficial to residents throughout the state. Representative Comey has been known for her efforts to enact programs and policies that support children and education and has received the highest honor of having been inducted into the 2019 Branford Education Hall of Fame for improving education in our town.

The residents of the 102nd House District are extremely fortunate to have Robin Comey as their representative. Her tireless advocacy in making sure the needs of her district are met should be rewarded with a second term. I encourage all eligible voters in the 102nd District to cast their ballot in November for Robin Comey.

Dan Adelman

Democrat Dan Adelman is a 4th District representative on the RTM.