Monday, June 21, 2021


A Non-Factor

Who is the real Joe Zullo? The residents of East Haven deserve to know!

I do not believe that State representative Joe Zullo (R-99)is a leader. He is someone who puts party politics and his own self-interest over the welfare of the hardworking people of East Haven. Joe touts himself as the youngest town attorney in the history of East Haven—something that I cannot dispute. Put in place by then-mayor Joe Maturo, Zullo showed his inexperience almost immediately.

The position of town attorney requires leadership, thoughtfulness, and conviction. It was clear from the beginning that Zullo did not possess these qualities because he did not have the ability or the willingness to stand up to Maturo or the strong-arm tactics of East Haven Republicans. Zullo portrays himself as a favored son of East Haven, but in reality, he was a favorite pushover for Joe Maturo and his coarse behaviors. As town attorney, he was supposed to protect his client, the Town of East Haven. Instead, he authorized the use of countless taxpayer dollars to settle sexual harassment claims made against Joe Maturo. Zullo stood by on multiple occasions while Maturo belittled, harassed, and tried to fire hardworking town employees based on his political and personal whims. Zullo stood by as Maturo trampled on the collective bargaining rights of these union workers. These people and their families suffered. A real leader stands up against a bully, but Zullo failed that test, repeatedly.

The real Joe Zullo was a non-factor in the face of bad behaviors. His inexperience enabled a dangerous and harmful administration for years here in East Haven. We cannot let him do the same for us in Hartford. Party politics doesn’t work for the people.

Zachary Corolla
East Haven