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10/07/2020 08:00 AM

There for Us

I support State Representative Christine Palm (D-36) for re-election to the 36th Assembly District. I support my opinion by citing her accomplishments during her first term as my representative. There are many.

She has supported legislation to protect our environment and to ensure climate change education for our young. She fought for absentee ballot voting to protect seniors and those with pre-existing conditions during this pandemic. She has been a champion for women’s rights and families in her support of family leave. She is an advocate of criminal justice reform and voter rights. She supports healthcare for all and voted for price caps on insulin to prevent price gouging by pharmaceuticals.

Although these are valid reasons for returning Christine Palm to the State House, they do not paint the whole picture. Representative Palm is an extraordinary leader who is there for us. She proved this when she made hundreds of calls during the spring months to check on her constituents and to assist them with their needs. Unlike federal officials, who failed to protect us from the painful impact of this pandemic, Representative Palm did not abandon the people in her district. She demonstrated the power of competent and caring leadership.

We are fortunate to have a representative whom we can count on in a crisis. She has been there for us, and I encourage your readers to be there for her by voting for Christine Palm for state representative.

Selectman Charlene Janecek (D)