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10/07/2020 08:00 AM

Strong Record of Service

We are writing in support of Christine Goupil’s candidacy for state representative in District 35. As long-time residents of Killingworth we have come to appreciate how important it is to have state and local politicians who actually care about their communities, and not just themselves. Christine’s strong record of service to her town and our region is clear, as is her approach of putting her constituents first.

One of the most impressive and telling things in her record is how she handled her position as first selectman for Clinton a few years ago. It had gradually become clear that the town would benefit from having a town manager/town council style of government. To support that, Christine had to give up her own position as first selectman. How refreshing in these days of such selfishness at the national level, to find a leader willing to sacrifice some of her own power for the good of the people. That is the kind of person we want representing us in Hartford.

We encourage your readers to join us in helping to elect Christine Goupil as our next District 35 state representative!

Bill and Paula Herbst