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10/07/2020 08:00 AM

Makes Good Sense

I support the re-election of Norm Needleman for Connecticut State Senate for the 33rd District. It makes good sense. For the past two years, Norm has created an inclusive dialogue among Democrats, Republicans, and Independents that has focused on effective and efficient delivery of state resources and services. In his role as chair of the Energy Committee, Norm introduced legislation making utilities accountable for their response during power outages. The “Take Back Our Grid Act” requires Connecticut utilities to maintain adequate repair staffing and compensate ratepayers for loss caused by outages.

A friend to retirees, Norm voted to phase out taxes on Social Security and retirement income. Thanks to his efforts, retirees earning $75,000 or less will now be fully exempt from state income tax on Social Security. And, he worked across the aisle to cap the cost of insulin, and to lower the cost of prescription drugs for seniors.

Norm’s business acumen and consensus-building helped pass a budget that cut taxes. The budget also preserved the state’s rainy-day fund—one of the largest in the country—which helped the state cope with the effects of the pandemic.

His hard work and bipartisan leadership in the Senate are the reasons why voting for Norm makes good sense.

Every vote counts. I encourage your readers to vte as early as they can and I hope they will join me in voting to re-elect Connecticut Senator Norm Needleman.

Laura Copland