Monday, May 10, 2021


A Tremendous Asset

I am very pleased and honored to support John May to represent the 35th District as the state representative for Clinton, Killingworth, and part of Westbrook. John’s candidacy for this position offers a very positive choice for the citizens of the district in the upcoming election. As the Green Party candidate, John provides voters with the unique opportunity to effect positive change for our communities as he will work tirelessly with elected officials of all parties on all issues without having to vote along traditional party lines. This will allow John to be a true representative of all the people.

John is a strong supporter of our seniors citizens and will ensure that our seniors have all the resources necessary so they will not leave; he’s a strong advocate for local business and will work hard to help them succeed. John is very supportive of our local schools and will work hard to ensure that our children have every opportunity to be successful in their futures. John strongly supports our law enforcement officers and their ongoing efforts in community based policing while keeping us safe.

John, along with his wife, a teacher, and his daughter who attends The Morgan School, has called Clinton home for 10 years. John has a wealth of experience as a 20-year educator who has recently started his own local business as a licensed financial advisor. Also John serves on the Clinton Economic Development Commission as well as the Conservation Commission and would be a tremendous asset as our state representative.

We are all extremely fortunate to live in such beautiful communities on the Connecticut shoreline and I know that John May will work very hard so that we may be able to enjoy our communities for years to come.

Rob Derry