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09/30/2020 08:00 AM

The Last Thing We Need

Deep River does not need an ethics commission. Before COVID, I had attended virtually every Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance meeting since 2002, video-recording those meetings for broadcast. Over the years, some members on these boards have not inspired my confidence, but I find the current members of both boards to be both competent and trustworthy. I am a registered Republican and served as the minority member on the Board of Selectman many years ago. In the most recent election, I voted for both Democrat members of the Board of Selectmen because in my judgment both of them merited my vote.

There has been a small group of residents attending Board of Selectmen meetings who clearly don’t like First Selectman Angus MacDonald and resent the fact that he operates a business in their neighborhood. I think Angus has a right to operate his business as he sees fit, and they have a right not to like it. But some of the charges I have heard being hurled at the first selectman by some of them were not only over the top, they were petty, insulting, demeaning, and in my view, baseless.

These are the folks who think we need an ethics commission. No doubt they see themselves as well-suited to serve on such a commission. The last thing we need in Deep River is a politicized ethics commission with an obvious ax to grind. If we don’t like or trust any of the folks on these boards, we can vote them out. The question of whether to establish an ethics commission will be on the ballot in November. I’m voting “No.”

John C. Greene

Deep River