Saturday, January 16, 2021


Knows the Issues

Senator Norm Needleman is an outstanding state senator for the 33rd District and merits re-election for a second term. Norm is extraordinarily well qualified and combines leadership and management skills as well as in-depth knowledge of local and state issues. He has proven the value of this through his thoughtful analysis and clear explanations of issues and options.

His experience in building a large, successful business gives him insight into the issues and needs of our business community and its interface with local and state government. Norm has worked hard to find pragmatic bi-partisan and effective solutions to the problems Connecticut faces. Norm has also served as Essex’s first selectman, necessitating good communication with his local constituents and with surrounding towns in his district. He knows the issues, he knows local leadership, and he’s able to respond and act.

Local and state government is extremely important because it affects us personally on a daily basis. Connecticut’s highly effective measures during the pandemic, in the face of the federal response, is a prime example. Choosing who we empower to represent us in Connecticut’s Senate is critical. Norm Needleman possess all of the necessary essential requirements—skills and knowledge—for being an effective state senator He’s someone we know has, and uses, the needed competencies. He’s thus proven worthy of being empowered by our vote to act as our agent. In short, we know Norm can be trusted to speak for us and to represent us.

Let’s re-elect Norm Needleman as our 33rd District’s senator to represent us for the next critically important two years.

Al Saubermann
Deep River