Saturday, January 23, 2021


Kind, Giving, and Principled

I have known Devin Carney his entire life and have watched him grow into a kind, giving, and principled man. He has come a long way since graduating Old Saybrook High School, but he still retains our community’s values. I know how much he cares about the towns he represents, and I know he always tries to do the right thing for his constituents.

I’m a small business owner and am confident Devin will continue to advocate for our local economy and to fight for anyone who needs help as a result of COVID. I also see how much he advocates for seniors and for our schools—he wants our quality of life to be as strong as it can be.

I do not vote straight party ticket in any election, but always vote for the person I believe is best fit for the role. In the 23rd District state representative race, it is clear that person is Devin Carney.

Nancy Jablonski
Old Saybrook