Sunday, May 09, 2021


Interested in Transportation Infrastructure

Christine Goupil is running for state representative in the 35th District. She has long been interested in seeing investments in transportation infrastructure so that our various systems can be optimized and used by people including those who are low-income residents, seniors, or disabled in our community. Today, more than ever, with COVID-19 infections and numbers of people who have lost jobs or have reduced hours, it is important that people are able to access public transportation to meet their needs. Around 27 percent of Connecticut citizens are in the category of asset limited, income constrained, employed (ALICE), as defined by the United Way. That means that in Connecticut with its high cost of living, they don’t have enough income to tide them over after three months if there is a health emergency or loss of a job.

Currently we have Estuary Transit System (9-Town Transit District), which connects Old Saybrook to Madison with bus 641. A connection to Middletown and to Middlesex Community College is possible through bus 645 and one can call 860-510-0429 for detailed help with affordable routes on public transportation to dialysis centers in Branford or to technical schools in the area. ADA Paratransit is a program with an application that allows seniors 60 years and over and disabled citizens to apply for reduced rates on public buses that can go off route. All seniors with Medicare cards are allowed reduced rates on Estuary Transit System.

Admittedly it is a patchwork system with Shoreline East in the mix, but thankfully there are people like Christine Goupil who are devoted to making it easier, faster, and more affordable.

Lauren Santos