Sunday, September 20, 2020


Unique and Refreshing

The year 2020 has exposed the fundamental inequities of America through a pandemic, economic depression, racial justice movements, and climate crises. In times that seem so surreal and frightening, we need capable leaders who will not only safely guide us through our problems but actively solve them. No one’s more able to do this than John-Michael Parker.

John-Michael was born and raised in Madison, attending Madison Public Schools before going to Yale. He currently serves as executive director of Arts for Learning CT, a statewide arts in education provider. As someone who went through Madison Public Schools, is a student at Yale, and is also a musician, I know John-Michael already speaks to me on a very personal level. The most important thing we have in common, though, is our shared values.

I know John-Michael respects me by being firmly committed to fighting for women’s rights and racial justice. I’m reassured by his stance on common-sense gun control, inspired by his ideas on preventing the climate crisis from worsening, and thankful for his commitment to obtaining affordable, high-quality healthcare for everyone. I know he understands what teachers and students need to be successful in the classroom, and wish we had more of his leadership when I was still in high school. I especially admire his dedication to enriching our community so that all kinds of families can thrive.

I proudly endorse John-Michael for 101st District state representative. He’s a charismatic, young leader whose experiences give him a unique and refreshing perspective on solving our challenges. He actually listens, a trait too many politicians simply do not possess. He’s the leader we need to get us through these times, and that’s why I encourage your readers to join me in voting safely for John-Michael on Nov. 3.

Claire Chang