Sunday, September 20, 2020


Speaks for All of Us

We’re writing to proudly endorse John-Michael Parker’s candidacy for state representative for the 101st District. We have known John-Michael since the beginning of his last run for office when our eldest son—so motivated by John-Michael’s passion and sincerity for a better Madison—volunteered to work on his campaign. Since then we have interacted with him on a number of fronts, most recently as the proud parents of one of his 2020 campaign interns. We are so lucky to count him amongst our friends!

As Madison residents for more than 20 years, we have witnessed our fair share of successes and failures at the town level. Our life’s work is focused on the welfare of children and we are increasingly disturbed by the growing schism between supporters for public education and its detractors. We need leadership that understands that our community is a blend of young families with school-aged children and empty-nest seniors as well as everything in between. We need leaders who eschew blind partisanship, whom we can hold accountable for their mistakes, and who will not shy away from confronting the challenges that divide our community.

John-Michael Parker fits this description as well as other candidate ideals. He is a man of principle and honor. He has a receptive ear and calming demeanor. He can deftly handle the most eruptive situations with wisdom, leaving both sides feeling understood and appreciated. (He was a voice of reason on the Academy School Community Center Design Committee.) In these particularly troubled times, Madison has an ever increasing list of challenges. We need a new voice in Hartford that speaks for all of us with both recognition of our past and an eye to the future. He is a change we need.

Jonathan and Katie Stein

Democrat Katie Stein chairs the Board of Education.