Thursday, June 24, 2021


Record Versus Promises

Again I need to ask why? This time on the “No” vote from State Representative Joe Zullo (R-99) on HB 7267 “An Act Concerning Public Options for Health Care in Connecticut.” A quote on his recent campaign literature states he is committing to “Battling rising healthcare costs” by working across the aisle. So is this a commitment or something he thinks we want to hear?

I’m guessing the latter as he had a chance to show his sincerity on this issue by supporting HB 7267. The house Democrats gave up a lot to make this bipartisan, and several Republican reps saw the good in the bill. Rep Zullo opted to not support the bill that the majority of both parties in the house did, which I believe is the definition of “working across the aisle”.

What should we believe, what he says or how he votes? With an election weeks away, I hope voters review the voting record of Rep. Zullo versus the promises and ask once again, are his votes in the best interest of our healthcare, our safety, and our town, or of Rep Zullo’s political career?

George Smith
East Haven