Sunday, September 20, 2020


Leader and Consensus Builder

As our 12th District state senator, Christine Cohen brought a wealth of business expertise and decades of community service to the role. From owning her own small business in Madison following a successful corporate marketing career to her involvement for several years on the Guilford Board of Education, Christine has proven to be the leader and consensus builder we needed during unique and challenging times.

One only needs to look at the last few months of Christine’s actions to observe her passion and commitment to our district. Her responsiveness and leadership during the COVID-19 situation has been second to none and I looked forward to her regular communication updates through several digital platforms to let her constituents know what was occurring on the local and state levels regarding the pandemic response. If that wasn’t enough, power outages caused by recent storm events became her priority. Christine questioned and called out utility companies for their response and billing practices. With a level head, complete transparency, and swift action, our state senator was looking out for all of us.

I could go on about Christine’s record on the environment, as well as her continual focus on small business and healthcare. I am sure others will in their letters. But as chairman of the Guilford Board of Finance, I know that Christine, along with Sean Scanlon (D-98) and other state representatives, went to bat for 12th District residents and businesses numerous times. They have ensured that state funding, both in revenue sources and state grants, remained as stable and intact as possible to keep our mill rate/tax increases lower than what we believed would be possible just two short years ago.

For all these reasons, I’m once again supporting Christine Cohen as our 12th District state senator and hope your readers will, too.

Michael Ayles

Democrat Michael Ayles chairs the Board of Finance.