Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Empathy and Experience

I moved to Madison from Westchester County in 2019, and the more I learn about John-Michael Parker, the more excited I am to support his candidacy for state representative in the 101st District. John-Michael grew up in this community and understands our needs and hopes for the future. A proud graduate of Daniel Hand High School and Yale University, he has experienced the power of an excellent K-12 public education system to nurture civic-minded young adults and grant access to fulfilling professional opportunities. Strong public schools help ensure the future vitality of communities (and keep property values competitive!), and through his work as an educator and non-profit leader, John-Michael has demonstrated his commitment to keeping schools and communities strong across Connecticut.

John-Michael’s professional experience in the Connecticut and New York City public school systems gives him a deep understanding of how public education works at a high level, and how policies can impact the quality of individual educational experiences. He supports policies that create equitable access to high-quality education regardless of zip code or socioeconomic circumstances, and he knows this will benefit all of us in the long run. Most important, John-Michael is an empathic listener who is committed to bringing people together to make great ideas actionable.

The most effective public servants are strong-willed but not uncompromising in fighting for what they believe is right. They strive to understand diverse perspectives so they can serve their communities in an inclusive way. John-Michael has the empathy and experience to serve our community as state representative, and I hope your readers will join me in voting for him on Nov. 3.

Melanie Lahti