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09/16/2020 08:00 AM

Competence, Compassion, and Action

I have followed events in the news about absentee ballot voting and was very concerned that voters would have to make a choice between their health and their right to vote during the COVID-19 pandemic. Without changes to the state statute, only those meeting strict criteria would be able to vote by mail. This seemed unreasonable during a pandemic especially for people with high-risk conditions.

Christine Palm, state representative in the 36th Assembly District, stepped up to address this issue and to protect all her constituents. She urged her colleagues in the Connecticut General Assembly to call for a special session of the legislature to expand access to absentee ballots for all eligible voters. She asserted that voters should not be at risk to exercise their right to vote. Members of our community supported her efforts and a bill was finally passed during the special session in July.

Representative Palm demonstrated the kind of leadership we need in government today. It is responsive to urgent situations that demand competence, compassion, and effective action. In these challenging times, we cannot afford to have elected officials who sit on their hands and make easy choices.

Representative Palm has my confidence and deserves another term.

Claire Tiernan