Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Be the Change

I’ve lived in the 101st District for the vast majority of my 32 years in life. As we continue to navigate unprecedented challenges together, we need those most in tune with our daily lives providing our representation more than ever.

I have known John-Michael Parker for more than 20 years. We graduated middle school and Hand together; I watched him graduate Yale and then proceed to help start and run an educational non-profit that raises $15 million per year to help 25,000 students. It would be a misnomer to say John-Michael spends his free time engrossed in the community, as he doesn’t view it as free time. His passion is building a better 101st.

John-Michael has worked in Madison Public Schools, serves on multiple boards and commissions, and volunteers with local community organizations. John-Michael provides his personal cell phone number to every member of the district, as he wants to hear directly from those he wishes to represent. Not only does John-Michael take the time to listen and learn from everyone he speaks to, he is also the exact empathetic and caring leader that is continuously growing and evolving that we need to meet the gravity of this moment.

Our district and state need growth and investment, specifically in healthcare and education. These are two areas in which John-Michael is uniquely qualified to change our approach and deliver a better result. Our state as a whole continues to send the same people to the capital thinking they will suddenly provide a better outcome. To see the change, we need to be the change.

I am proud to endorse John-Michael Parker for state representative in the 101st District, and I hope your readers will join me in voting for him, safely, on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Jonathan Rosenberg