Sunday, September 20, 2020


The Experience and the Attitude

I’ve had the distinct honor of working alongside State Representative Noreen Kokoruda (R-101) as she represents Madison in Hartford and I commend her for her dedicated service to our town. She is the common-sense voice that our state so desperately needs.

Noreen is well respected among her colleagues on both sides of the aisle for her efforts toward compromise and progress. I’ve witnessed firsthand Noreen’s collaborative attitude and problem solving as she consults with Republicans and Democrats, community leaders, nonprofits, and many others. She is hardworking and passionate, especially on securing the best outcome for Madison and our residents. She has worked to secure municipal funding, as well as funding for our schools. I’ve watched her advocate on behalf of women and children, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and veterans.

Noreen has the experience and the attitude to get things done; she has earned my vote for state representative. I hope your reader will join me in proudly supporting Noreen Kokoruda for re-election this November.

Maureen Griffin