Saturday, September 26, 2020


Shoddy Work

Tuttles Point now has town provided water—truly a boon for our community. The installation work was done by a Wallingford company, True Blue. Its work seems to be exemplary. The issue is with the sub-contractor True Blue used to repave the roads.

The community was assured that photographs and dimensions had been taken so that the streets could be restored to what they had originally been. Unfortunately that is either a fallacy or a total untruth. As an example, the road in front of our home had been 25 feet wide. Now the paved portion is 17 feet wide. The missing eight feet have been filled in with rather large filler stones. Mailboxes need to be moved to accommodate postal service regulations. Snowplowing will most likely be a disaster. Smaller stones and filler line the road in front of the beach area. The effect is somewhat better than the large stones used in other parts of the community, but marginally so. Note that vehicles are having a difficult time passing one another due to the lack of appropriate road width.

Ironically, the community has yet to be told what any of this will cost. So there is shoddy work done in an unprofessional, unacceptable manner for an as yet-undetermined cost. This issue has been discussed with the town and with True Blue, to no avail. Apparently it is what it is and we are expected to turn a blind eye, pay the bill and put it all behind us.

I am truly disappointed and disheartened by these results.

Kathy Testa