Sunday, September 20, 2020


One Step Further

As a Madison resident and the founder of a Connecticut-based nonprofit that provides financial assistance to the underserved, I’ll be voting to elect John-Micheal Parker for 101st District state representative on Nov. 3.

I met John-Michael four years ago at Daniel Hand High School, as he worked with kids in the music program, and our oldest daughter was just beginning her freshman year. John-Michael’s authenticity and genuine kindness came across immediately, and his desire to see the kids succeed was undeniable.

When John-Michael joined the race for state representative in 2018, I knew he wanted to make sure education was affordable to all, and there was no doubt the children in our state needed his voice.

That same year, I was launching my nonprofit, Infinite Strength. The women Infinite Strength supports have had uphill battles their entire lives, as they suffer from healthcare inequities and affordable housing opportunities in our state. I knew John’s platform was rooted in making sure everyone had access to high-quality healthcare, and I was saddened by his loss in that election.

Fast forward to 2020; our world has irrevocably changed! With a pandemic and economic depression, gun violence at an all-time high, and the fact that many still don’t understand that “Black Lives Matter” is not an affront to the white life, we need John-Micheal Parker fighting for us more than ever.

Life is not going to go back to the way it was. It is easy to believe we are sheltered in our beautiful seaside town, but if the right leadership doesn’t get elected, nothing will protect us. What world will our children inherit then? A vote for John-Michael Parker gets us one step further in our quest to gain more compassion and kindness in this world and for leadership that embodies hope.

Roberta Lombardi