Sunday, September 20, 2020


Dedicated and Involved

As a Branford resident and voter, I am casting my vote on Nov. 3 for our incumbent state senator, Christine Cohen (D-12). Christine’s credentials as a dedicated and involved member of the senate are well-documented. Christine has worked tirelessly as our senate representative and her concern for and knowledge of the town of Branford have benefited our community.

As senate chair of the legislature’s Environment Committee, Christine has spearheaded the passage of legislation to create a more environmentally healthy state and this has and will benefit the town of Branford and our beautiful coastline. Christine knows the town of Branford and has a hopeful insight into the needs of our community and has always evaluated the issues, listened to the community’s concerns, and gotten positive results.

As a small-business owner, Senator Cohen has the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to ensure that our local businesses continue to grow and prosper. She has ensured that our community receives our share of education funding to reduce the financial burden on Branford and ensure a quality education for our children. I know that Christine will continue to listen to the concerns of our community, figure out solutions for those concerns, and get positive results.

Christine is a woman of integrity and passion who truly wants the best for the 12th Senate District and for the Town of Branford. I encourage my fellow Branford residents to vote for Christine in the upcoming election and spread the word to others concerning the value of her abilities, representation, and service.

Charles Tiernan III