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09/09/2020 08:00 AM

Compassion, Energy, and Intelligence

My wife and I had to arrange new health insurance recently when our insurance plan ended after I was made redundant.

We consulted a broker, but were told that as my previous insurance ended mid-month, we would necessarily be left uninsured for more than two weeks before the new insurance kicked in, and furthermore that the new insurance (from Access Health CT) would not cover any pre-existing conditions.

We were surprised and very concerned to hear this and emailed Christine Palm for advice and clarification. We are well aware of how active Representative Palm is in the state legislature, and thought that we could at least bring attention to the problem.

Although we emailed at the weekend, she got right back to us to connect us with all the relevant experts on the Health Committee and at Access Health. Happily, it turned out that we had been misinformed, and thanks to her intervention we soon had uninterrupted coverage arranged with Access Health CT.

I greatly appreciated her kind and rapid response to resolve this issue, and that she followed up to make sure that the issue was promptly and fully addressed. I appreciate the dedication, compassion, energy, and intelligence that she has brought to the position of state representative for our district.

Bruce Maguire