Sunday, September 20, 2020


Calm in a Pandemic Storm

I am writing to publicly thank State Senator Christine Cohen (D-12) for the outstanding communicator she was and continues to be in the midst of our pandemic crisis. On a near daily basis, Senator Cohen has provided factual briefs about the extent of the pandemic in the towns that she represents, while also updating on executive orders issued by the governor and listing links to resources for folks. Her briefs were clear and devoid of political commentary.

I knew that I could rely on them to be a resource for information in the quickly changing landscape of this crisis. Her information provided calm in a pandemic storm, and she stood out as a distinguished example of a leader using her platform to state the facts. She guided her constituents with information that wasn’t politically but rather factually based.

Many people might vote for Senator Cohen’s re-election this November because of the initiatives she took to successfully promote legislation that will positively impact our environment for years to come. Others might vote for her because of her support for working families, demonstrated by her affirmation of paid family leave and an increase in Connecticut’s minimum wage. And while I am grateful for her leadership on these issues, it’s her ability to effectively publicly communicate during a national crisis that I find most reassuring.

I have no doubt that Senator Cohen will continue to compassionately communicate facts with her constituents in the future, no matter the issue and especially in an emergency. And for this reason alone, I intend to vote for her again on Nov. 3.

Christine Simpson