Sunday, September 20, 2020


An Exceptional Representative

We are happy to endorse John-Michael Parker for 101st District state representative.

We met John-Michael Parker through our son Tom, who was a fellow student and musician when they both attended Brown Middle School and Daniel Hand High School in Madison. When Tom was in 9th grade, John-Michael asked him to join a band he had formed with some friends. In the 17 years since then, they have become great friends and we have gotten to know John and his family very well.

The first thing you notice about John-Michael is his intelligence. After you see him perform once, you are struck by his enormous talent. With these attributes he might have developed a big ego, but in fact the opposite is true. John is modest and humble; he is respectful and hardworking, compassionate and empathetic.

With his education and work ethic, John-Michael would be successful in any career he chose, but he chose public service. He truly cares about people, especially those less fortunate than himself. John-Michael Parker is an exceptional young man and if elected he will be an exceptional representative of the people of Madison and Durham.

Don’t be fooled by John-Michael’s youth. Even at his young age (relatively speaking), John-Michael has already experienced numerous high-level achievements and awards, as well as crushing disappointments and personal tragedies in his life (read his bio at He’s spent much of his professional and personal career in the pursuit of assisting others. He brings empathy and sincerity to everything he does—traits we need in this next generation of political leaders and advocates. John Michael is the face of our future.

Andrea and Peter Sikes