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09/09/2020 08:00 AM

An Active Voice

Christine Palm has been an active voice for the towns of Chester, Deep River, Essex, and Haddam in the State Legislature over the past two years. During her first year as a representative, she was a good listener and a fast learner able to have her voice heard in the Connecticut General Assembly (CGA). She held regular feedback sessions in each town to ensure that residents could speak to her about their concerns.

In this past year’s session, which was interrupted by COVID-19, Palm was able to work with others to get the CGA back into session over the summer. She wanted to make sure that timely issues—getting absentee ballots to voters, addressing concerns about police accountability, expanding telehealth, and capping insulin costs—were discussed and voted on. She worked with other legislators to modify language where needed to make progress in these important areas for her constituents.

I personally received a call from her office during the spring to make sure that my family was doing OK during the pandemic quarantine. When our town sent out a questionnaire to find out how citizens were doing, the report COVID-19: Town of Chester, CT stated “the majority of comments for the Town of Chester (80 percent), state representatives (77 percent), and the federal government CARES Act (100 percent) were positive…Representative Palm was frequently credited for assistance with the Connecticut Department of Labor.”

Palm sends emails, posts on Facebook, and often writes articles to keep her constituents up-to-date with what’s happening in the state. She doesn’t shy away from difficult issues like police reform, but shares her thoughts and is willing to listen to opposing viewpoints on issues of importance to Valley-Shore residents.

I’ll be voting for her again on Nov. 3 and hope many of my neighbors will as well.

Patricia Holloway