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09/02/2020 08:00 AM

Compassionate Leadership

When I read that the Connecticut General Assembly would be considering a bill to cap the cost of insulin and diabetic supplies, I contacted State Representative Christine Palm (D-36). As the mother of two type-one diabetics, I have been very concerned about the rising cost of insulin and essential supplies such as syringes, test strips and glucose monitoring equipment.

Representative Palm listened to my concerns and understood the hardship facing many with this chronic illness, especially those with limited insurance benefits. A week’s supply of insulin may cost up to $300. The copay is determined by the insurance company and costs may exceed $1,200 a month. Under new Connecticut legislation, diabetics will pay no more than $25 per month for insulin and supplies will be capped at $100.

No family should have to decide between paying the rent, purchasing groceries, or securing their medication. I am grateful to elected officials like Christine Palm who voted for this legislation and who are watching out for their constituents.

Representative Palm demonstrates the kind of compassionate leadership we need to ensure healthcare for all Americans, particularly those in the greatest need.

Peg Meehan