Saturday, September 26, 2020


The Squeeze Must Stop

The Planning & Zoning Commission is considering approval of 177 residential units, plus parking, at 4-6 Indian Neck Avenue and nearby 60 Maple Street (proposed by two different developers). The owner of Stony Creek Brewery (SCB) now wants to build 30 apartment units consisting of one building of 40,000 square feet adn almost 50 feet high (Tidal Basin) directly across the street on 1.24 acres. The second proposed development (Mariner’s Wharf) will consist of 147 units on the other side of the brewery between it and Anchor Reef.

We should urge the commission at the Zoom meeting on Thursday, Sept. 3, and/or by email at to consider and respect the feelings of all those impacted by this over-development and say “No” to these proposals. With the arrival of the SCB, we are already dealing with greatly increased traffic, noise, and other issues that have reduced the quality of life for those in the area. But, this is not only an Indian Neck issue. This is a Branford issue.

Residents take pride in our community, enjoying all of the villages that surround its center. If your readers don’t want the character of our town spoiled by further over-development, they must let the commission know that they want Branford to retain its character. The squeeze must stop. For the developers, it’s all about making money. It’s about money for us too—money lost by reduced home values as the area becomes less appealing. However, unlike the developers, we have other concerns important to us, such as the enjoyment of our homes, neighborhoods, and pride in our community.

Many of us have lived here most or all of our lives. I believe our feelings should matter.

Trudy Dykun