Saturday, September 26, 2020


Making PoCo-to-Go a Success

Thanks go to everyone who came to PoCo-to-Go! A huge thank you goes to Willie DellaCamera of Cecarelli’s Harrison Hill Farms for donating the corn and to the volunteers who helped at Poco-to-Go.

During PoCo, you often hear announcements of our generous donors and sponsors who make the festival possible. Although we missed the names of some who donated, please know we thank them very much for their generosity. We raised more than $1,000.

Thanks go to Jeannie Salzo, Andrew Seward, Bruce Lane, Eileen Casey, Jessica Carafeno, Mandy Lucibello, Jackie Harper, Joe Tork, Joe and Nicole Gagne, Barbara LaFrance, Chris Canning, Emily Larson Bones, Hoskins Family, Charlie Lilly, Mark Lillie, Cleary Family, Brendan and Amy Blakeslee, Amanda Osgood, Corey Rudolph, Mike Gargiulo, John Doran, Lindsay DiMartino, Ashley Mase, Daniel Salz, Ken Zercie, Joanne Polzella, Andrea Liquori, Angela Milewski, Emily DeSarbo, Jennifer Seiden, Sarah Brown, Ashley Fernandez, Melissa Zulawski, Angela Perrotti , Mary Humby, Susan Hottin, the Mies family, Victor Ribera, the Rosiak family, Marie McDermott, the Sergeant family, the Juniver family, Rita Smith, Nancy and Sid Clow, Toni Bunnell, Mike McDermott, Wendy Flynn, Vinny Candelora, Mike Paulhus, John DiMaggio, Victoria Lanza, John O’Brien, Amy Gambardella, Melissa Celano, Massimo Piroli, Hank Petrowski, Brian Meillo, Dave Roden, Ann Laterra, Jennifer Lundgren, Anthony Esposito, Mike Prodoti, Erin Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Schreiner, Mr. Vollano, Dave Pinette, the Raffone family, Simon and Barbara Hale, MaryEllen Hammil, Andy Romaniuk, Ken Valenti, Stephanie Palasiewski, Travis and Jessica Gale, the Messore family, Mouna Weaver, MaryAnne Wilson-Feyer, and Anna and Glenn Gaffield. (Our apologies for any misspellings.)

We always welcome new volunteers and ideas. Stay tuned to North Branford Potato & Corn Festival on Facebook for meeting announcements. For questions or information, email

Ashley Joiner, volunteer

Jenn McCulloch, coordinator

PoCo Fest Committee

Jenn McCulloch is the Correspondent for Zip06. Email Jenn at .