Sunday, September 20, 2020


Won’t Solve the Problem

Traffic is on the minds of many neighbors in Indian Neck. With the proposed developments Tidal Basin and Mariner’s Landing before the Planning & Zoning Commission, my concerns have multiplied. I’m a neighbor who went door to door with the petition opposing the Tidal Basin, a 30-unit rental complex at 4-6 Indian Neck Avenue. Of the 87 people who signed, 45 signers listed “Too Much Traffic” under the “Comment” column.

During the Planning & Zoning Zoom meeting on July 16, the developer’s team of experts used the term “traffic calming measures” to diffuse the concerns of neighbors. My understanding of traffic calming measures is to reduce traffic speed.

This is important, but more important is the fact that many more vehicles will be added to Maple Street and Indian Neck Avenue. The team of experts hired by the developers recited data from traffic studies claiming very few additional cars will be added to the area of proposed development.

I’ve lived in Indian Neck for 22 years. I know the traffic along Indian Neck Avenue is heavy and at times dangerous. The brewery at 5 Indian Neck Avenue boasts of 300,000 visitors a year. My Hagstrom Map shows 10 streets intersecting the one-mile stretch of Indian Neck Avenue. There are five streets that intersect those streets. As you drive further toward the shore, numerous eateries and businesses located on South Montowese Street bring additional traffic to the area. Tidal Basin and Mariner’s Landing will add a combined additional 177 residential units to this already-congested area.

Traffic calming measures won’t solve the problem of additional traffic that this over-development on the Branford River will create. If these developments are approved, these 50-foot tall buildings are here forever.

I encourage concerned citizens to email the Planning & Zoning Commission at today!

Pat Dugan