Sunday, September 27, 2020


Unfortunately and Unjustifiably

In his July 30 letter to the Courier [“A Thin Blue Line], David Roberts rightly states that we “are fortunate to have the security that comes from living in a tranquil little town,” and justifiably calls for “an outpouring of support for our own Guilford PD.” He reminds us not to forget “there is a thin blue line between us and chaos.” Unfortunately and unjustifiably, Mr. Roberts then alludes to Black Lives Matter lawn signs “popping up here” among our neighbors in Guilford, and “the trouble” “just down the street” in New Haven as the foreboding signs of that lurking chaos.

In August 1963, my spiritual leader of youth, Rabbi Joachim Prinz, spoke right before Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his “I Have a Dream” speech. With the Lincoln Memorial at his back, Rabbi Prinz reminded us that: “Neighbor is not a geographic term. It is a moral concept. It means our collective responsibility for the preservation of man’s dignity and integrity.”

To fully live by Rabbi Prinz’s words of wisdom may well be the ultimate blue line between us and chaos. Casting aspersion on our Guilford and New Haven neighbors who are doing just that certainly is not.

Robert L. Berkowitz