Sunday, May 16, 2021


Acknowledge Our Mistake

As a resident of North Haven and an alumni of North Haven High School, I recently went to a gathering for Black Lives Matters at our Town Green. During this event, people shared their experiences living in our town. I was astonished to hear someone go to the podium and say they believed North Haven was not a racist town. This statement rejects other people’s experiences as not valid. This statement denies the existence of our systemic racist system of government, which is not a debate, it is a reality.

Let’s start with something small but important, our team mascot. Finally, a national football team has acknowledged the racist naming of their team; don’t you think it is time for our town to change the name of our mascot? There is stubbornness and shame in holding onto a mascot that references a nation of people. It is simply wrong. There is no pride in depicting indigenous peoples as mascots. Acknowledge our mistake and make a step towards expanding our window of acceptance.

Elizabeth Fiorillo
North Haven