Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Eliminate a Real Injustice

The Clinton Town Council passed a broad resolution about fair, equitable and compassionate police conduct, pledging, “We are all committed to that goal and to building a community where every single person is treated with courtesy, respect, and understanding and we encourage actions and decisions that eliminate all injustices.”

My sense is that this resolution simply underlined one of our community’s existing strengths, the fine police department.

I suggest the Town Council eliminate a real injustice by addressing one of our community’s greatest weaknesses: a desperate shortage of affordable housing. What is our Town Council’s position on this gaping need? Low income working families cannot find decent properties to rent or buy in Clinton. Our zoning regulations do not encourage, let alone allow low income multi-family housing.

Is the Clinton Town Council studying this pressing need for decent affordable housing? How is it working toward manifesting housing stock for poor working Connecticut families? I encourage the council to focus on an issue of injustice that cries out for leadership. Actions speak louder than resolutions.

Bethany Greeley