Sunday, September 20, 2020


Absolutely Unforgettable

I’d like to publicly thank the Old Saybrook community for the wonderful graduation celebration our Old Saybrook High School (OSHS) Class of 2020 enjoyed. These students left school on March 13 completely unaware that the rest of their senior year was going to be over. They’ve been feeling loss without having an opportunity to grieve.

On June 16, in a socially distanced drive-in version style graduation, the students were provided a chance to be together and to celebrate in style. A graduation ceremony and drive through town let the 123 graduates know that the entire community felt their loss and wanted to show them how much they care. The graduation event was made special with large screen displays highlighting speeches and music courtesy of the OSHS administration, teachers, and custodians.

The police department organized a precision parking plan that allowed students, accompanied by families, to drive up and get their diplomas. Their teachers stood across the street (socially distanced) holding banners and waving. It was a beautiful evening as a plane circled the school trailing a congratulatory banner.

Next came a police escort through town. Hundreds of people stood outside their homes, on the curbs, at the beach walks, and in front of store fronts to wave, bang pots, hold banners, and cheer. The fire department displayed its trucks and ran its sirens in the station while the police led the way, giving the procession a clear path to weave through town.

Old Saybrook is an amazing place. The police, fire, and ambulance teams supported the education team as we honored our students. From the bottom of my heart, I thank them and the fantastic community of Old Saybrook for knowing how important this night was to 123 of our young citizens and making the night absolutely unforgettable.

Superintendent of Schools Jan Perruccio
Old Saybrook