Tuesday, August 03, 2021


Stop Being a Hypocrite

People from our towns and cities who have been subject to business closures have been anxiously waiting to reopen their businesses to begin paying bills and put their employees back to work. Other people, however, feel it is too soon to open up the state. Our governor recently released metrics that the state is achieving, thus triggering a Phase 1 reopen for May 20 under strict guidelines.

I was, therefore, surprised to see publicity of our State Senator Christine Cohen (D-12) signing a May 14 letter recommending that the governor keep the state closed. We all have been advised to “listen to the experts” throughout this crisis. Senator Cohen has also been advised by members of the public, since she was recently elected, that she is responsible to the people in her electorate and not people ranked above her in Hartford. Sadly, our senator has chosen to ignore both advisories. Adding insult to injury, she continues to keep her own business in operation, selling bagels in Madison!

If she really is so concerned about her constituents and businesses that should remained closed, then she should stop being a hypocrite and close her own business. She should impose the same restrictions that she is demanding of the people she represents on herself.

Louis Hardy