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06/03/2020 08:00 AM

Stand Aside

The May 21 story “We Need the Help of People in the Community” discussed the reopening of restaurants in the shoreline area. Since the seating will be limited to outdoors and social spacing, it was suggested that people 65 and older and those at risk stay home.

Stay home! Most societies revere their elders. In America, I fear we are developing a culture of reviling them. And yes, I am a senior citizen. I have served my country in an armed conflict overseas, served my community in the volunteer fire department, and have assisted in promoting several community activities. And you tell me to stay home?

So I missed having a 50th wedding anniversary dinner with my wife because restaurants were closed. Also missed having a 76th birthday dinner and a Mother’s Day lunch for the same reason. So now you tell me to stay home so you can have dinner? My response is the same as World War II Navy Vice Admiral Willis Lee: “Stand aside, I’m coming through.”

Richard Spearrin