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05/20/2020 08:00 AM

Deserve to be Heard

With many folks having been stuck at home for weeks now, its easy to understand how some folks, who have waited for over a month for unemployment checks, and weeks more for the state to get its “self-employed” unemployment site functioning, to be frustrated for sure. It’s certainly been a trying time for all.

Recently, there was a gathering at the Capitol of concerned, and properly masked, residents over the impact of the shutdown. What was State Senator Cohen (D-12)’s response? She made fun of them. This is a fact. She tweeted a cute little “protester safety card” that she, and Senate Democrat leader Bob Duff took time to craft. Is that what you want from your elected officials? There are millions of Americans out of work, concerned about how they are going to pay their mortgage and feed their families and elected officials are making fun of them.

We have residents from all walks of life: doctors, nurses, lawyers, carpenters, retail clerks, college-educated and high school-educated residents who have been forced out of work from Governor Ned Lamont’s dictates. Many folks believe that these dictates are illogical and are arbitrarily conceived. Even if your opinion differs, do these folks still not deserve to be heard?

Moreover, Senator Cohen just signed a letter requesting that our state provide payouts to [taxpaying undocumented workers]. Why are we giving money to people who are here against federal law? Do you think it is right while Americans are struggling, that additional tax dollars are being given to people who have no lawful right to be in the country? Just who are Senator Cohen’s constituents?

Edward J. Boughton

North Branford