Sunday, May 16, 2021


Happiness and Purpose

Rain or shine, cold or warm(ish), winds 0 or 35-plus miles per hour, from Monday through Friday, the team composed of Jon Siciliano, Michele Locke, Vivian Capestamy, Cindy Ellison, Liz Kowaosky, Carol Cullen, Sabrina Earp, and Jill Powers are set-up without-fail or concern for the weather. Instead, their concern is for the families of Clinton.

While Jon operates the pick-up/delivery-mobile, the others split into two groups of masked-women at two locations, The Morgan School and Pierson Middle School, disseminating breakfast and lunch bags to students in Clinton. Their kindness extends beyond placing large loads of meals into boxes for larger pick-ups. Because my tenants are fortunate to still be working, they aren’t always available to pick up meals for their children. Seeing the beaming smile on each child’s face as I deliver their meals is a special experience. That feeling begins with the happiness and purpose with which the grab-n-go teams volunteer their time and effort.

There are a lot of tributes in and around town toward everyone helping to mitigate the impact of this pandemic. Children in America have had a lot of reality to contend with in their early lifetimes. It’s wonderful for them to also be able to see how humanity meets these realities and strive to persevere.

I join the chorus of “Thank yous” to all of those in our town who continue on in their duties. While the names of those above are cited specifically, this goes out to all of the rest of the unnamed, yet-known, who are doing a great service and sacrificing, during an especially challenging time.

Humanity has been around for 200,000-plus years, on a 5-billion-year-old planet, in a 13.8-billion-year-old universe. We shall prevail.

Jeff Morse