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05/06/2020 08:00 AM

The Unsung Heroes

As we keep our healthcare workers in our hearts and minds during this health crisis, I wondered, who are the unsung heroes of the financial crisis? I particularly want to give a huge shout out to our local state representative, Christine Palm, for her immediate response to my phone call asking for help as a gig worker, having hit a brick wall during the Department of Labor (DOL) applications process. Her assistant, Tamara Morris, proved invaluable, also.

They became a crucial bridge to connecting a regular person to the sometimes complicated work of government, helping me navigate the ins and outs of bureaucracy. My case was quite complex, for various reasons, but I received a real phone call from a real person at the DOL, who explained the situation patiently, in layperson’s terms, and found a solution to help me. Yes, it entailed more paperwork, but I think it’s going to be okay, and I wanted to let the public know that our public servants are out there every day, fighting for us, their constituents treating us with respect, empathy, and patience at a time when people are losing theirs.

I particularly appreciate the daily e-blast from our first selectman, Lauren Gister, which is always informative, helpful, and sometimes humorous, and to State Senator Norm Needleman for making sure everyone has his phone number if we need him. So, for people like Christine, Tamara, Lauren, Norm, and all our local government public servants, I want to say: You are worthy. You are appreciated. Thank you.

Margie Warner