Friday, September 25, 2020


Countless Acts of Kindness

I have been in public service all of my adult life. Although my community has offered to help me throughout the last 40 years, especially during my deployments to the Middle East during Operation Iraqi Freedom, I really never felt the need to ask. That all changed two weeks ago when I was diagnosed with COVID-19 and my wife and I were both quarantined at home.

As soon as word got out we had offers of help with shopping, errands, and pet supplies from so many people. On April 7, our blind rescue dachshund disappeared. We searched the property thoroughly, but being ill, I had to stop. Before sunset we had neighbors (Blundons, Dworaks, and Andersons) and the town animal control officer scouring the woods. Connecticut Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers and Connecticut Dachshund Rescue and Pet Services created and posted missing posters and searched heavily on and off for the next couple of days.

Unfortunately, we have not found her and although hopeful, we recognize the chances of her being returned to us are low. The outpouring of help, prayers, and support has been overwhelming and has reinforced our sense of community.

I hope that everyone takes just a few minutes to appreciate family, friends, and neighbors who are doing the best they can during these unprecedented times. I believe when we things return to the “new” normal we will not forget the countless acts of kindness, love, and support that we received and stand ready to reciprocate should the need arise.

Don MacMillan