Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Rapidly Escalating Needs

The Guilford Savings Bank has done a wonderful service for the Town of Madison by providing a grant of $20,000 to The Madison Foundation’s component fund, Madison Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N).

In 2020, N2N has experienced a marked increase in requests for assistance for Madison families and individuals. Madison Youth & Family Services and Madison Senior Services have been working hard to care for our most vulnerable neighbors, and N2N has been working with them to fill the void when no other programs are available to help Madison families facing unexpected financial crisis. Now, COVID-19 has presented a new challenge for a community already under stress.

In this time of pandemic and unprecedented government mandated closures of businesses, our neighbors who have often been working more than one job just to make ends meet are now finding themselves without income of any kind. They are going to need our help more than ever: the single mom, just getting back on her feet after divorce; the dad struggling to support his sick wife, and three children, with a small pension and a part time job; the single person traveling to Durham to work at a convenience store; and so many others.

Thanks to the leadership and generosity of the Guilford Savings Bank and the continuing support of Madison neighbors and organizations, N2N will continue to work with Youth & Family Services and Senior Services to address the rapidly escalating needs of our community caused by COVID-19.

For more information, concerned neighbors can go to The Madison Foundation website themadisonfoundation.org

Laurie Heflin, Founding Director
Neighbor to Neighbor