Sunday, September 20, 2020


Share the Merchants’ Burden

This letter is directed to the landlords who lease space to the small businesses in our towns. None of us can avoid this unfortunate health emergency, but we must all try to help our fellow residents through it.

By law, many of our eateries must close except for take-out or delivery. Even under those circumstances, these businesses will lose an extremely large portion of their incomes.

When my husband and I leased our Essex property to a couple who ran a convenience store, there were certain months when business was very slow and we accepted only a portion of the rent. On a few occasions when their business was extremely slow, we forgave them the entire month’s rent.

It is my hope that lessors will do the same and share the merchants’ burden during this period, allowing them to remain in business. We, their patrons, want them to still be there when this emergency is over.

Please care!

Lillian Y. Bella