Sunday, September 27, 2020


Not Overwhelming

Are Madison residents overwhelmed by three or four items on a same fall ballot with a presidential election? I think not. I suggest it is a clever first selectman, Peggy Lyons, and Democrat plan to concentrate the residents in October favoring passage of this total $129 million expenditure.

The cost will be passed on to the town, without the bat of an eye, as will the increased taxes. An obviously fairer vote would be in November when many more residents will be motivated to come out to vote in the presidential election, both those in favor and those opposed to these expenditures.

I think all residents are capable enough to handle these issues on the same ballot, especially considering the educational level of Madison residents and good old common sense. It would not be an overwhelming task. I agree with Selectman Bruce Wilson when he says he can’t get by the October date.

What is more focusing on ballots than a presidential election along with a the highest expenditure request for Madison facilities since I’ve lived here?

Bob Roxbrough