Sunday, September 27, 2020


Collaborate as a Community

What is it going to look like around here to ensure an accurate count when it is time to vote on the presidential primaries, possibly several rounds of annual budgets upcoming borrowing referendums (school renewal, community center), and ultimately Election Day in November?

One concern, according to Madison First Selectman Peggy Lyons, is that with Madison’s town meeting form of government, a long-term ban on any public gathering could be a huge impediment to the basic function of the town. The Source reported on March 10 (“Town Braces for Potential Coronavirus Disruptions”) that Lyons said, that if that type of a ban is imminent, Madison will “look to the state for guidance on how to handle that.”

Lyons pointed out that a recent successful test of livesteaming Board of Selectmen meetings on YouTube could be very important if residents are restricted from public gatherings, allowing them to keep up with important safety information put out by the town’s Board of Selectmen from wherever they are.

Personally, I am unable to provide advice to the voters in Madison on how to prevent being exposed to the rapidly spreading coronavirus pandemic. I am able to express my opinion: We need to collaborate as a community to find the accurate and fair way to preserve our democracy, our way of government, and our quality of life.

James Hellman