Sunday, September 27, 2020


Are There Other Questions?

The Madison Board of Selectmen has scheduled a referendum on the school construction projects and the Academy School Community Center Project for October 2020. This will be a special voting date just for these two projects. The cost for the referendum may be as high as $10,000. With the general election date less than a month away, this seems to be an extravagant expenditure. Additionally, a November referendum would provide for increased voter participation.

It is important for the Board of Selectmen to share, before the referendum, what major capitol expenditures may be coming in the near future. Will the projected, $20 million Surf Club project be on the list soon? Will there be a need for a Youth & Family Services building? If there is a need for an additional building for Youth & Family Services, what is the projected cost? With the potential increase in our bonded debt, will our credit rating be affected?

If there is a need for a community center, would it be more cost-effective to make a modest addition to the Senior Center, rather than try to find a use for the 50,000-square-foot space in the Academy building?

Are there other questions that should be answered before there is vote on these two major projects?

Robert Hale